Fasting Support Bundle

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Intermittent Fasting - Longevity Bundle
Extend your fast with food!  Fast Bars® and coffee are a great way to start your morning without breaking your fast.  Fast Bars® are low in sugar and protein and designed to release their energy slowly in the body.  This allows cells to keep the nutrient-sensing pathways in a 'fasting' state and draw on fat from the diet and from your body's fat stores for energy.  

  • 1 Organic Coffee bag
  • 1 Box Fast Bar® (5 bars)
  • 5 Coffee Sachets
  • 1 N4L Branded Mug

Coffee You'll love

Pure Ingredients

All about the beans

Our beans rate #1 among certified organic coffee brands when it comes to taste.  While health is always the priority, the conscious processes that are followed from growing, bean selection, harvesting and roasting also provide a superior taste profile that is smooth, fragrant, and robust. 

With a nutty cocoa flavor and undertones of black tea and Jasmine, each sip is a pleasant experience even for those that are not as accustom to a robust black coffee.   A coffee to savor for its richness and also its healthful properties.

Ethical & Ecological

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