Sleep Ritual Bundle – Sleep Oil & Neck Wrap
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Sleep Ritual Bundle – Sleep Oil & Neck Wrap

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  1. Start creating a pampering sleep routine to wind down from your fast paced day, and enjoy improved sleep.
  2. Special 100% pure therapuetic grade essential oil blend designed to help you wind down.
  3. Lavendar and flax seed infused neck pillow that can be warmed in the microwave to give a gentle warming and soothing experience.

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Pure Ingredients

All about the beans

Our beans rate #1 among certified organic coffee brands when it comes to taste.  While health is always the priority, the conscious processes that are followed from growing, bean selection, harvesting and roasting also provide a superior taste profile that is smooth, fragrant, and robust. 

With a nutty cocoa flavor and undertones of black tea and Jasmine, each sip is a pleasant experience even for those that are not as accustom to a robust black coffee.   A coffee to savor for its richness and also its healthful properties.

Ethical & Ecological

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