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Kickstart Your Health

… as simple as 1,2,3

Tired of waking up groggy, rushing through the day
with dwindling energy, only to realize it’s almost over and
you haven’t even worked out or hit your goals?

Restore your balance, and hit your goals
with our 30-day Kickstarter package!

The Nutition for Longevity 30-Day Kickstart Program

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Reset, renew, and start the new year strong! The 30-Day Healthy Kickstart offers
everything you need to launch into a healthier version of yourself for 2020!

  • Reset for a Fresh Start
  • Lose Excess Fat
  • Support Healthy Aging
  • Develop Habits to Transform Your Health
  • Connect with Like Minded Community

Your Blueprint For Total Wellness

30 Day Health Plan

With the 30-Day Kickstart, you'll receive access to a comprehensive 30-Day Health Plan featuring entertaining and informtive daily video content to help maximume your health transformation in the areas of eating habits, exercise, stress management, sleep and goal setting. Each day you'll be inspired and motivated as you move forward with your health tansition.

Kickstart Your Health

Your Kit includes 3 Full Days of Intermittent Fasting

  • 3 Days of Breakfast - on the go plant based protein and phytonutrient boost blends and oat blends (plus bonus boost blend serving for non-meal kit days)
  • 3 Days of Lunch - ready to eat
  • 3 Days of Afternoon Mini meal - on the go plant based protein and phytonutrient boost blends and either chocolate, energy bites or trail mix snack blends (plus boost blend serving for non-meal kit days)
  • 3 Days of Dinner - kiited meals with everything you need to make a gourmet meal in 30 mins or less
  • An intermittent Fasting Meal program with expert tips and explanation on how to safely do a circadian rhythm intermittent fast. Including recipes to follow the program on non-meal kit days, feeding and fasting cycle times, and sleeping tips to get the most out of your program.
  • An N4L Blender bottle for mixing your oat blends or boots blends on the go
  • The Longevity Diet book to learn more about the research behind this diet and Intermittent Fasting

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