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Get $40 OFF

With meals based on The Longevity Diet,
from our own regenerative farms.

Get $40 OFF

With meal kits that are farm-fresh, non-GMO, have no synthetic chemicals, and based on the science behind The Longevity Diet. By reducing these toxins in your body, and eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fiber, you help your body naturally restore balance and thrive.

Meals Inspired by Longevity

Our meals are carefully curated by our team of chefs and registered dieticians for well balanced, nutritious meals based on Dr. Valter Longo's research on eating habits of the Longevity Regions of the world.

Fresh Food Direct to You

We harvest our produce within 48 hrs. of delivery for ultra-fresh food, prep it in tight calorie ranges and food macro ratios, so you get well-balanced meals that help you restore and rebalance.

Clean, Chemical Free Soil & Seeds

Our process starts on our own farms with clean soil and a healthy Soil Microbiome because healthy soil means healthy plants. We then use non-GMO seeds like our ancestors used for pure and clean food.

Sustainable Regenerative Farming

We sustainably grow our produce with no synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers, and when we can’t grow it on our farms, we only source from farms that follow our passionate belief in clean food.

Most of our fresh produce comes from our own regenerative farms. This allows us to deliver healthy food to your door 48 hours after harvest, using farming practices that restore balance to the soil and the environment.

Get $40 OFF