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"I’m a vegan and have some food sensitivities, few companies understand my needs so I have to do a lot of research and shopping around to find foods that fit my needs. I also care about the environment and leaving as small a footprint as possible on this planet."

-- Jay the Skeptic

Our weekly meal delivery service puts vegans first. Our meals are formulated to avoid foods that cause inflammation and food sensitivities so that your body is sound, your mind is clear and your belly is full. Our earth-friendly farm only carries vegan and pescatarian options.

Our delicious meals are based on the scientific findings of Dr Valter Longo, who researched the diets of regions of the world where people live the longest. Born from this research is Nutrition For Longevity, a meal delivery service that delivers high-quality vegan meals each week that are delicious and ready to eat. 

Each week, we ship our meals directly from the farm to hundreds of customers from strict vegans, the health-conscious, and those with special dietary needs or food sensitivities.

Sensitive To Your Needs

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Organic, Regenerative Farming

Most of our fresh produce comes from our own regenerative farms. This allows us to deliver healthy food to your door 48 hours after harvest, using farming practices that restore balance to the soil and the environment.

We focus on quality, using organic farming practices to produce nutrient-dense, non-GMO food. We only work with seed suppliers who pledge to be alteration-free, which includes genetic modification and editing. We believe transparency is key. Having a transparent food chain means you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

The result is clean, fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door, in the form of curated meals created by our executive chef, and direct to you less than 48 hours from harvest . Inspired by The Longevity Diet, our meals draw upon the lessons of the Centenarian Hot Spots, geographical hot spots known for inhabitants that live the longest and healthiest lives on record.

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