Redfish with Turmeric Rice Pilaf

Redfish with Turmeric Rice Pilaf

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This recipe features N4L's Turmeric and Black Pepper Spice Blend. Turmeric which contains curcumin a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Its absorption is enhanced with piperine, a common compound in black pepper. Combining the spices magnifies their effects- enjoy the powerful antioxidants to boost your day! This blend perfectly fits the nutrient requirements for The Longevity Diet™. 

Contains: Fish.
Free From: Eggs, Fish, Gluten, Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Shellfish. 

Meal Plan Cals Carbs Fat Protein
Pescatarian -1600 cal/day 440 55g
Pescatarian - 2000 cal/day 500
Intermittent Fasting Pescatarian- 1200 cal/day  440 55g 12g 25g
Intermittent Fasting Pescatarian- 1600 cal/day  500 56g 15g 38g
Diabetes Friendly Pescatarian- 1200 cal/day 440 55g 12g 25g
Diabetes Friendly Pescatarian- 1600 cal/day 500 56g 15g 38g

NOTE: Calorie count fluctuates due to portioned fish size.