Fall Activities

Fall Activities

Fall Activities

One of the driving factors to increasing longevity is incorporating exercise into our daily lives. However, that can mean something different for everybody. Exercise can be as simple as walking to your mailbox to grab the mail, putting away groceries, or adding in some weights and resistance training. There is no one perfect way to exercise; it can always be tailored to your preferences, abilities, and space. 

 As it gets cooler outside, we may find it more challenging to get our bodies moving. We do not want to halt our progress just because winter is rolling around. Nutrition for Longevity is here to offer some ideas for fun fall activities to keep you active during the cooler months. 

Most of us have heard about getting our 10,000 steps in, right? For a long while, this number has been thought of as the perfect goal because of the associated health benefits. However, this goal is not always achievable in a day due to work circumstances or lack of space. 

There is good news, however! A recent study led by Amanda Paluch, an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts' department of kinesiology, showed that getting at least 7,000 steps a day may lower the rate of mortality by up to 70%. While more research is needed (and getting more than 7000 steps certainly won’t hurt), it’s nice to know that even getting close to that original 10,000 step number will still have health benefits. 

Whether you track your steps or not, there are plenty of ways to hit 7000 steps while having fall fun!

  • Head to the farm: Take a trip to your local farm or farmers market to experience the best of fall. Apple and pumpkin picking are great activities to get steps in while enjoying the fall weather and taking advantage of fresh fall produce. 
  • Grab your lawn tools: With fall comes a yard full of leaves. Grab your rake and a pair of headphones and spend some time raking towards longevity while getting fall chores out of the way. 
  • Scenic views: Fall foliage is something special. Head to your local park or trail for a walk, hike, or bike ride to get the most out of the colorful scenery. Always make sure to dress accordingly so that you can get the most out of your cool weather endeavors. 
  • Baking and cooking: Traditional exercise not really your thing? Cooking and baking are two additional ways to get your body moving. Fresh fall produce makes for great recipes. Stuffed Baked Apples are just one of our favorite fall recipes incorporating seasonal produce. If you are unsure of what produce is best for fall recipes, check out the N4L marketplace for our hand picked, seasonal Produce Boxes

Although fall weather may call for more layers, there are many fun activities to make the most of the changing season. Whether you step outside for a scenic walk or spend a day at the farm, you should feel good about staying active this fall. We hope you find these tips helpful and share some fall fun with your friends and family. After all, spending time with your favorite people is another pillar of longevity!