Live healthier, longer

Our Mission

To give humanity the opportunity to live healthy to 110!

Nutrition for Longevity was founded on the passionate belief that a long, healthy life begins with what’s on your plate. To address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially-grown produce, we set out to create a meal delivery service that restores food to its natural state so you can support your health according to principals outlined in The Longevity Diet.

Clean food

Delivered to your door

The result is clean, fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door, in the form of curated meals created by our Executive Chef, and direct to you.

Inspired by The Longevity Diet, our meals draw upon the lessons of the Centenarian Hot Spots, geographical hot spots known for inhabitants that live the longest and healthiest lives on record.

Nutrition that Matters

Food is medicine

Our meals are always delivered fresh with a priority on quality and sustainability. We source locally when available to ensure peak nutrient profile and flavor. Our chicken is One Health certified and hormone free and fish is sustainably sourced from the Atlantic.