Produce Box - 15% Off

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Farm to Fork Fresh Produce Box
  • Among the finest & purest ingredients
  • A box full of diverse, seasonal produce

This produce box is full of incredibly fresh non-GMO produce. It may at times also have some of our premium products, sourced from other sustainable sources.

Since only 1 in 10 Americans eats the needed servings of fruits and vegetables.  This box helps you and your family get their needed servings of fruits and vegetables.  It’s important to eat your fruits and veggies as a large volume of studies have shown that diets high in fruits, vegetables and fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.  We give you the diverse rainbow to bring into your diet, as well as access to unique recipes from Longevity regions of the world.  This allows you to take control of your health to achieve your personal health goals

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