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The Bredesen Protocol® Diet & Nutrition Plan

The Bredesen Protocol® diet — KetoFlex™ 12/3 — provides nutritional support for cognitive health. ORDER NOW

The Bredesen Protocol® Diet & Nutrition Plan

The Bredesen Protocol® diet — KetoFlex™ 12/3 — provides nutritional support for cognitive health. ORDER NOW

The Bredesen Protocol®  diet — KetoFlex™ 12/3 — provides nutritional support for cognitive health. It’s lower in carbs (Less than 60 grams per day) to create metabolic flexibility to optimally fuel your brain. This offering is ideal for those interested in optimizing overall health while maximizing cognitive performance.  

Science Backed Protocol

Specially Designed to Support Brain Health

Heart Healthy

Food that’s Good for You and the Planet

Our Veggies: We support local, regenerative, non-GMO and organic farmers to bring you nutrient-dense produce from every color of the rainbow

Our Seafood: Sustainable & wild caught, with careful selection of species known for being low in heavy metals.

Our Poultry: Our poultry is sustainably-raised, free from antibiotics or hormones, with eggs from pasture-raised chickens.

Our Beef: Our beef is grass fed and sustainably-raised.

NOTE: For those using diabetes medication(s), please consult with your physician before starting the nutrition plan as your need for medication may be reduced or eliminated. You’ll need to be instructed on how to safely reduce your medication to avoid hypoglycemia.

What's Inside The Kit?

• 5 N4L lunches
• 5 N4L dinners
• 6 hard-boiled pasture-raised eggs
• Extra cruciferous vegetables
• 2 bottles Olive Oil - optional plan

*Weekly subscription meals will deliver to your door each week.

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Sample Menu Offerings

Lunch and dinner offerings will change weekly.

Protocol FAQs

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Please see instructions in this PDF

Depending upon which version of the KetoFLEX 12/3 meal kit you’ve selected (pescatarian or flexitarian, with or without high polyphenol olive oil) your kit will have slightly different components. 

Ten meals: Every kit will have five lunches and five dinners (that you can eat at any time during your eating window), each marked Day, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. It’s best to eat the meals on schedule, as they have been paired to contain the optimal daily macronutrients. Follow instructions on the back of each box; do not microwave in containers.  On Saturday and Sunday, do your best to mimic the meals you’ve eaten throughout the week. Cooking is a wonderful creative expression and can be joyful and fun.   

Extra Leafy Greens:  All kits will have extra leafy greens. Add these to your lunches or dinners as desired. Research shows that leafy greens reduce the rate of cognitive decline. 

Half-Dozen Hard-Boiled Pastured Eggs: Choline is vital for brain health and pastured eggs are an excellent source. If you’re still transitioning to two meals per day, feel free to enjoy a hard-boiled egg as a snack. If you are already adapted to two meals a day, add an egg or two to your afternoon salad for a heartier meal.

Two 8oz. bottles of high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): Add up to four tablespoons or more to each meal. All dressings and sauces have been specially curated to complement the taste of this quality EVOO. Research shows that high polyphenol EVOO reduces accumulation of beta-amyloid and can improve cognition. (Note: Those who’ve not opted to include EVOO should supply their own.) 

Fermented Food: This is not included in your kit but is an important part of promoting a healthy microbiome, which in turn can support brain health. Be sure to include a tablespoon or more of fermented vegetables with live active cultures every day.

The vast majority of people will experience no ill effects on KetoFLEX 12/3 and many report cognitive clarity, increased energy, and overall optimized health. However, depending upon your current state of health and genetics, there are several adverse side effects that may affect you. Fortunately, most are easy to rectify with the strategies below. 

Keto-Flu   As you switch your fuel source towards a fat-burning state, you may experience symptoms of fatigue, headache, brain fog, cramps, or light headedness. Fat-burning can lead to dehydration unless you are adequately hydrating with clean filtered water throughout the day. The vegetables and fruits that are included in the diet will supply the electrolytes you need. Feel free to season your food with high quality sea salt to support your hydration status.   

Digestive Upset   Because the KetoFLEX 12/3 nutrition plan is a significant departure from the typical Western diet, which is full of processed (pre-digested) food, that requires your digestive system to work a bit harder. The additional fiber and extra fat can both be problematic depending upon your current state of GI health. Using bitter herbs, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, organic lemon juice or peel as seasonings can be helpful. Additionally, consider digestive enzymes and acid supplementation as needed.         

Weight Loss   Some people are nervous about adding extra dietary fat, even EVOO, which can inadvertently lead to consuming too few calories. Increasing healthy fat, including high polyphenol EVOO, avocados, nuts and seeds with non-starchy vegetables can ensure adequate calories. If you find yourself losing too much weight, discontinue the long daily fast until you’ve achieved your optimal weight. 

Meal Delivery FAQs

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We currently deliver within the continental United States. We are looking to expand in the near future to include Alaska and Hawaii.

Subscriptions get billed every Thursday for the following week's order.

Orders placed before Wednesday at 11:59pm EST will ship the next Wednesday. Orders placed after Wednesday will ship the subsequent week.

All changes to orders, including cancellations must be made in your account by 11:59 PM Wednesday the week prior to our shipping day on Tuesday.

You can also reach out to customer service via email: customerservice@nutritionforlongevity.com or call (833) 688-7445.

Skipping a delivery is an option as long as that change has been made before Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST. This can be done in your account management. You can also call customer service at (833) 688-7445 or email us at customerservice@nutritionforlongevity.com.

Please note our customer service specialists are available Monday-Friday 8-4pm EST.

Cancellations must be made prior to your subscription being recharged. Cancelling a subscription before being charged will result in no further deliveries. Cancelling a subscription after being charged will result in one final delivery, but no subsequent delivery.  If you contact customer service after being recharged, you will still be responsible for the final payment and delivery as cancellations take 5 days to process.

If you’d like to change the type of meal kit you are receiving, you will have to “swap” the product prior to your charge date. If it is after your charge date and an order exists in our system, we can only change your next delivery to the meal kit of your choosing.  If you are having trouble navigating the website please call us directly at 1-833-Nutri4L (688-7445)

You can choose your preference of Pescatarian (fish) or Flexitarian (chicken & turkey) meal options. At this time, you cannot select the individual meals in your delivery.

We have carefully designed sustainable packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment while working hard to ensure your box arrives with all ingredients at the appropriate temperature. Our boxes contain ice packs and a specially designed thermal liner that allows us to maintain a desired temperature during shipping. This packaging is regularly tested across various temperature zones and seasons. This may require adjustments to packaging as the season progresses.

Boxes are delivered within 24-48 hours of shipment. We advise that you place all perishable items in the refrigerator immediately upon delivery due to the perishable nature of this food.