Fighting Hunger Together

Fighting Hunger Together

Fighting Hunger Together

World Kindness Day is one of Nutrition for Longevity’s favorite global holidays because it is a day dedicated to the importance of being kind to yourself, each other, and the world. On a day devoted to celebrating the importance of compassion in all aspects of our lives and all that it means to be kind, we are excited to announce our partnership with an extremely compassionate organization Rise Against Hunger

Nutrition for Longevity is committed to using food as medicine to prevent and reverse the chronic disease plaguing our planet through regenerative farming and nutrient dense meal kit composition. Delivering farm fresh, plant-based meal plans to your door within 48 hours of harvest on our farm, Nutrition for Longevity makes healthy eating delicious and convenient.   

Since our inception, we have been focused on enhancing the quality of food that the average American consumes. As we continue to grow, so must our company’s goals. With our goal to reach people across the United States well underway, we have set our sights on a new priority — expanding our reach to populations globally that do not have access to healthy foods. Through our recent partnership with Rise Against Hunger, we are one step closer to reaching our worldwide goal.

Did you know 820 million people around the world do not get the food they need to live a healthy life? Rise Against Hunger is a global organization with a mission to end world hunger. Through volunteer meal packing, community empowerment programs, and disaster relief, Rise Against Hunger coordinates thousands of volunteers committed to a larger mission. In 2019 alone, Rise Against Hunger had 415,000 volunteers and impacted 1.7 million lives across the globe. 

As a trusted community partner, N4L hopes to drive Rise Against Hunger’s impact beyond this achievement. We took our first step on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Food Day. Celebrated annually on October 16, this day is celebrated as a reminder of the dedication to end hunger.

This year, Rise Against Hunger volunteers across the United States packaged close to 175,000 meals for food-insecure communities across the globe. Each packaged meal consists of soy, a vegetable mixture, rice, and a micro-nutrient packet to deliver transformational nutrition to individuals facing hunger worldwide, especially children.   

To support Rise Against Hunger volunteers, the N4L team delivered 200 of our farm fresh, fully prepared meal kits to keep those packaging meals nourished and energized throughout the day. The ability to support Rise Against Hunger volunteers as they spent their day doing so much good was incredible. By delivering our meal kits, we spent time taking a step back and appreciating how fortunate we are to have access to fresh, sustainable, delicious food. These volunteers were exemplifying kindness on World Food Day, and we were so fortunate to be able to serve as fuel for those doing so much good.

The World Food Day initiative demonstrates the level of kindness, compassion, and dedication it takes to combat a issues as big as world hunger. While Rise Against Hunger was proud of their accomplishments, we all know there is a lot of work left to be done. Nutrition for Longevity pledges to stand by Rise Against Hunger’s side in the fight. We look forward to all of the ways we can combine our resources and expertise in: sustainable farming, nutrition, education, and effective operations, and construct ways to heal the planet and all the people on it.   

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