Nutrition for Longevity’s Social Responsibility

Nutrition for Longevity’s Social Responsibility

Nutrition for Longevity’s Social Responsibility

Today, we're taking a stand against hunger, championing a brighter future for millions of Americans. While it's true that over 44 million of our fellow citizens face food insecurity, and one in every six older Americans grapple with hunger, we refuse to accept this as the status quo. The richest American men live 15 years longer than the poorest men, while the richest American women live 10 years longer than the poorest women. In a nation of such abundance, it's our collective responsibility to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. That's why Nutrition for Longevity is passionately committed to addressing food insecurity through our social responsibility and Food as Medicine initiatives. Together, we're not just tackling a problem; we're building a stronger, more compassionate community where everyone has access to the nourishment they need to thrive. Join us in spreading hope because together, we can make hunger a thing of the past. Our Mission is to transform 1 million lives with Nutrition and Lifestyle Interventions by 2025, with the intent to give back 10 million years of health.

Partners toward our mission

We deliver medically-tailored meals to hundreds of thousands of individuals across the nation, and our team works vigilantly with varied partnerships to expand home-delivered meals services beyond those covered by health plans. We’re collaborating with state and local governments, community-based programs and pilot studies to broaden access to our healthy, nourishing meals. Through our collaborative efforts, we're pioneering innovative programs and policies that bring nutrition to those who need it most. The impact of this work goes beyond simply alleviating food insecurities; it's about fostering better health outcomes, reducing hospital readmissions, and ultimately driving down overall healthcare costs. With every meal delivered and every partnership formed, we're paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant future for all.

Our Team

As an integral component of our social responsibility, we empower our employees to embody Nutrition for Longevity’s core values within the communities they live, work and have fun in. Over the course of the last three years, our dedicated team has spearheaded impactful initiatives, resulting in the donation of over 14,400 pounds of fresh produce through employee drop-off programs and food drives. Not only have we donated fresh produce to communities in need, but we’ve also donated 32,420 prepared meals over the last three years.  Nutrition for Longevity has also sponsored critically and chronically ill persons, providing individuals with weekly meals for a year along with complimentary dietitian services. Through these concerted efforts, we are not only fostering positive change but also demonstrating our unwavering commitment to serving communities with compassion and resilience.

Our plans for the future

Since our inception in 2019, Nutrition for Longevity has been dedicated to enhancing lives through the power of precision nutrition. Now, we're elevating our commitment to serve our communities by addressing food insecurity head-on as part of our social responsibility endeavors. In 2024, we're proud to announce our SECURE 10 initiative, through which we'll donate 50,000 meals and over 20,000 pounds of fresh produce throughout the next 3 years to those experiencing food insecurity and lacking access to other support programs. This pledge builds upon our legacy of giving, including the provision of nearly 32,420 meals and14,400 pounds of fresh produce over the past three years, contributing over $445,775 in meals and $72,000 in fresh produce to community food banks and nonprofit organizations. We pledge to implement 3 Food as Medicine pilot studies demonstrating the positive impact that Home Delivered Meals have on Health Outcomes. To ensure nutrition security for families and older adults, nutritious food and nutrition education must go hand‐in‐hand. Research findings suggest education that provides alternative strategies to manage resources and improve dietary practices can improve food insecurity. We commit to offering 3,000 hours of free educational programs to the community to provide skills and knowledge to improve abilities and combat food insecurity. By integrating meals with nutrition education, we have the opportunity to contribute one million dollars back to the community. Together, with the support of our team and partners, we're not just addressing hunger; we're sowing seeds of hope and resilience, nourishing communities for a brighter, healthier future.

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