National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month


March is a highly notable month in the nutrition community. It marks the beginning of National Nutrition Month. What is National Nutrition Month? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created this annual campaign to promote nutrition information and education across the country. The focus of National Nutrition Month is to highlight the importance of making informed food choices and develop obtainable eating and physical activity habits to promote a healthful life.1 In March, Nutrition for Longevity is acknowledging the hardworking Registered Dietitians (RD) on the second Wednesday in March, fittingly named, National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day. Sign up for our healthy meal plans and learn more about National Nutrition Month!

Why should you care about National Nutrition Month?

Nutrition for Longevity’s commitment to provide our clients with sustainable farming, pesticide free ingredients, nutritious meals, and science based nutrition with a major focus on healthy lifestyle habits aligns perfectly with National Nutrition Month. N4L’s pillars of longevity focus on clinical studies as well as the study of complex systems to prevent health disparities and promote longevity and wellness.The Longevity diet is not a diet, but a lifestyle that directly aligns with the mission of National Nutrition Month. N4L provides nutrition education from their on-staff Registered Dietitians with educational blogs pertaining to cooking tips, healthy recipes, gut health, self-love, and more. Our company hopes to influence clients to make healthy choices daily, extending far beyond the month of March.

Practical nutrition is a key component of National Nutrition Month, and here at N4L, we acknowledge this component on a daily basis. Our nourishing, healthy meal plan menu is abundant with vegan or pescatarian meals, containing some of the most nutritious and organic ingredients. Our meal plans are carefully cultivated by the Registered Dietitian team as well as the Michelin Star Chef. The Dietitian and culinary team keeps in mind calorie intake, fruit and vegetable servings, fiber content, and calories from fat when designing each and every recipe. 

Our meal plans stand out amongst competitors, with the intention of fueling the body backed by science. We make eating healthy meals simple and delicious, bringing you just one step closer towards living a healthy life this month. 

At Nutrition for Longevity, the nutrition team is of the utmost importance. They are the backbone of the N4L menu planning, calorie, and macronutrient calculations, blog and educational material creation, nutrition counseling, and so much more. The RD’s work amongst an interdisciplinary team at N4L, which spans from sales and marketing to customer service. The RD's play the largest role in product development, including medically tailored meals, N4L marketplace, and our newest venture lifestyle programs.3

N4L’s Registered Dietitians primarily work behind the scenes but, if you’re looking for facetime, they offer Clarity Calls via telehealth to answer questions about our meal plans, nutrition, and ingredients. N4L and our nutrition experts are excited to soon launch Lifestyle Programs. These lifestyle programs provide an opportunity for customers to engage in nutrition counseling from our RD’s. Nutrition counseling encompasses all nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition interventions, and nutrition monitoring considered necessary or advisable in the judgment of the Registered Dietitian. Counseling is an important component of National Nutrition Month, as it is useful in assessing areas of improvement and provides personalized nutrition advice to our clients.4 Our Dietitians are trained and certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

As mentioned, National Nutrition Month is not only focused on nutrition, but also prioritizes physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits. Physical activity promotes overall health by helping maintain or lose weight, reduce high blood pressure, reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, and several forms of cancer, as well as reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.5 The N4L Lifestyle Programs will incorporate daily workouts from certified personal trainers, as well as nutrition education and cognitive behavior coaching.

Though National Nutrition Month is only celebrated annually, making healthy food choices, and adapting healthy lifestyle habits can be continued throughout the year. There are many resources available for nutrition education, recipes, and more at Nutrition for Longevity. This March let’s make it a priority to acknowledge National Nutrition Month and the hard work of the N4L’s Registered Dietitians who help create a healthy lifestyle for all. And consider signing up for one of our healthy meal plans!


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