How To: Layer a Mason Jar Salad

How To: Layer a Mason Jar Salad

How To: Layer a Mason Jar Salad


Wondering what to pack for lunch on your non-N4L meal kit days? Our Dietitians love mason jar salads! 

Layering salads in a mason jar can be a tricky task when using a wide variety of ingredients. Different ingredients textures, moisture levels, and preparation methods contribute to the order to layer a salad inside of a mason jar. A strategically layered salad can ensure a crisp, healthy, and enjoyable salad! Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of mason jar salad layering! We recommend using a 32 oz. wide-mouthed mason jar!  


  1. Dressing: Always put your dressing on the bottom of the jar. The farther away from your greens the better! Putting your dressing on the bottom of your jar prevents your greens from getting soggy before eating.
  2. Hard Veggies: The second layer should be hard veggies! These are a great second layer since these vegetables are non-absorptive ingredients so they won't become soggy sitting on top of the dressing layer. Examples of hard vegetables include carrot, celery, onion, and bell peppers.
  3. Protein: This is a great layer to include beans, chickpeas, or any other form of protein that can last a few days within a jar. 
  4. Grains: Grains are a tasty part of a salad that also serve as a protective barrier. Placing your grains right under your greens and toppings acts as a last line of defense if your salad happens to fall over throughout the day. The grains would absorb the moisture from your dressing and other layers keeping the layers above dry! 
  5. Soft Veggies/Fruit: When using soft vegetables and fruit in mason jars remember some brown when exposed to air. Some examples include avocado and apples. A helpful tip is to try adding lemon juice to those ingredients or if you have a little extra time add those ingredients in the morning the day of. 
  6. Toppings: Garnish your salad with anything from nuts to seeds to dried fruit! Since this is a delicate layer it is important to keep it close to the top of the jar away from the dressing to ensure textures remain unchanged.
  7. Greens: Pack the top of your mason jar with greens of your choice and seal the lid! Keeping your greens at the top


Now that you mastered how to layer a mason jar salad tryout this recipe! Mason Jar Salad


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